Gracie | Habits

I’ve had my eye on Gracie (aka Andrew Theodore Balasia) ever since I first listened to his “Summer EP” back in 2011. Now he’s posted a new single off an upcoming album, “Bleeder”, due out March 12 via Small Plates Records. “Habits” is a nice little shift in direction for Gracie, utilizing his talents for elegant and easy-going songcraft and building it into something even stronger. It’s an exuberant, fun, and soulful track that playfully runs through common habits (like counting cracks in the sidewalk to biting one’s nails) before blending into something more substantial and beautiful: “Habit is a gene, it’s a song, it’s the soul …Whatever you say / Whatever you do / I’ll be there … “ The song blows-up at the close, exploding into a crescendo of drums, keyboard, screamingly high falsetto, and soaring noise. It’s gorgeous and utterly charming. “Habit” might be the best song Gracie has created. In the end, it’s a track about passion, and you can hear it in Gracie’s words and vocals. Read archived Their Bated Breath posts about Gracie by clicking here. You can follow Gracie on facebook or soundcloud. Lyrics are unofficial. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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