My Bloody Valentine | mbv

The wait is over. My Bloody Valentine released a new record, “mvb”, featuring nine tracks. The first song, “She Found Now”, begins familiarly, with all that warm and fuzzy guitar. It blends naturally into “Only Tomorrow” and “Who Sees You” (my favorite track), songs that feel somewhere between a faux-fur blanket for the ears and a steady swarm of bees. Really pretty stuff. Luckily for fans, the band posted all the songs on YouTube in a continuously running stream. I can’t say I’ve been a huge My Bloody Valentine fan in the past, but I’ve always respected the band and its sound. (Enough to have purchased “Loveless” and “Isn’t Anything”.) However, I’ve been enjoying this record since it’s been up. Listened to it a couple of times already. Has there ever been a band this guitar-heavy that still managed to sound so soft and delicate? Listen to the record below. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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One thought on “My Bloody Valentine | mbv

  1. I’ve listened to it four times now…I have the hi-res download and I’m awaiting the vinyl (+ CD) package…and I feel that this is a very, very fine album. Very much vintage MBV, also pushing the MBV envelope just the right amount into new territory, with prominent keyboard parts (incl organ and mellotron or other string synth) and d’n’b/edm rhythms. Very sweet.

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