Prince | Breakfast Can Wait

Prince has always given me the impression that he can rattle off music like “Breakfast Can Wait” at will. He’s just that talented. This new track is a velvety, purple-smooth cut with beautiful vocal harmonies, and a touch of the sexualized artist who crafted downtempo gems like “Ballad of Dorothy Parker”, “Starfish and Coffee”, and “International Lover”, the latter the ultimate track about joining the mile-high club courtesy of His Purpleness. Leave it to Prince to turn a culinary morning into tongue-in-cheek carnality. “Breakfast Can Wait” is a wonder. In fact, it sounds like old Prince, with that funky guitar, 80s keyboards, tried-and-true R&B vocal stylings, the bedroom whispers, and all that hyper-sexual fun.

The song is about a girlfriend getting up to go to work, but Prince has other ideas. Check out these delicious lyrics: “Finally my eyes are open / I dream about you all night long / The only thing that I’ve been hoping for is before you to go to work babe, we get it on … / Hotcakes smothered in honey, (wait a minute) I’m gon’ have to pass / Fresh cup of coffee (no, no) / I gotta have you in my glass / The only thing that’s gonna sweeten my tongue / Only thing that’s gonna last (now) / Is just another bite of you, babe / Breakfast can wait.” Prince changes his vocal pitch at the close of the track, hurting the great vibe he had going. An artist with a voice like Prince’s has no need for it. Hell, anyone who has heard “The Beautiful Ones” can tell you that. But “Breakfast Can Wait” is still a helluva song.

These string of releases over the past few months have been posted by a YouTube user going by the handle “NiceBeatsEva” (aka 3rd Eye Girl on facebook). As anyone who uses YouTube knows, any post involving Prince is almost immediately taken down. But some bloggers and music writers have been under the impression that this was Prince himself, using some friend for more or less a clever bit of PR buzz. (Especially since this one person seems to have continual access to Prince’s music. And the “NBE” acronym seems right up Prince’s alley.) But 3rd Eye Girl was apparently sent a cease-and-desist letter back in January for posting four bootlegs, so who knows what the truth is. If you look at the letter online, it’s only partial, cutting off what may be the most interesting information. In the end, the sideshow is just that when compared to the track itself. Note: Photo comes from a January Billboard cover. Here’s a link to the accompanying article. — David D. Robbins Jr. 

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