Classic Film Photos | More Than Still Life

Nothing captured the beauty and glamour of old Hollywood like still photos and publicity shots. My place of employment happens to have a number of them, and is in the middle of a woeful house cleaning. Well, I figured I’d liberate these photos before they hit the trash bin. This is a link to The Fade Out Flickr account, which will be updated with the things I find. (Slideshow.) It’s a work in progress. I’ve scanned so many photos at this point, that it’s almost taxing to keep doing the same actions over and over. It’s quite a chore. (I’ve cleaned up each of the photos, relatively speaking, so that the contrast is more defined, cropped out some scuffs, and in some cases touched up where it was egregious not to. But mostly, they’re as they were.) Initially I’ve decided to post only those photos that feature the stars from the 1930s-50s in solo shots. For example, I have a number of photos with actresses and their many husbands, or say Norma Shearer standing with MGM producer Louis B Mayer or Barbara Stanwyck with Robert Taylor and so forth. For the time being, I’ll post only the beautiful shots, primarily posed. I do not own the copyright to these, and where I can tell, I’ve tried to identify where the photos come from. In some cases, I’ve written the original cutline descriptions that appear on the back of the photo, or at least some variation of them. Enjoy what I have so far. (The above photos are, of course, the lovely noir queen Lizabeth Scott at the top, Shearer, and the lovely Hedy Lamarr. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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