Cat Power | Manhattan (Video)


Cat Power posted a new video for her “Sun” track “Manhattan”. It’s co-directed by Chan Marshall and Greg Hunt. The video features Marshall running around New York — going across the Brooklyn Bridge, meeting a street musician and dancers in the subway, walking in Chinatown, crate-digging in a shop, a salute to Apollo, a stop off for a drink at Max Fish on Ludlow Street, and Cat Power even goes for a shoot-around on a basketball court. (Her shooting form needs some work, but it is effective.) It’s fun stuff. I only wish I was there. God, I love Cat Power. “Manhattan” is probably the best track on a record with a number of supremely strong tracks. (Which is why “Sun” was named one of Their Bated Breath’s Best Albums of 2012 and three tracks made Their Bated Breath’s Best Songs of 2012 list.) There’s just something so elegiac (“all the friends that we used to know ain’t coming back”) and pretty about “Manhattan”. It’s a sullen but wistful remembrance and personification of a place and a time. Even the minor touches are splendid (note the stronger drum sequence when she sings the line “the heart has a rhythm”). One of my favorite lyrics in “Manhattan” is this “Liberty in the basement light / Free speech, lipstick and the moonlight / Howling to get me, howlin’ to get you / In Harlem, in a dark back room / Dancing to a different tune.” However, for this video it appears Cat Power is using a truncated version of the song, which doesn’t include those closing lyrics. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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