Butterclock | First Prom EP

Butterclock’s new five-song EP, “First Prom”, is an eclectic mix of styles and sultry moods that weaves pop, a kind of surrealist club and trance into odes of lovelorn beauty. Her pretty phrases seem to enter the consciousness of the listener only seconds before they dissipate with subtlety into a minor change of rhythm, a joining nuanced sound, or another dimension of her echoing vocals. In the album intro, Butterclock (aka Berlin-based Laura Clock) whispers of “sweet sweet” crystal eyes, while the fluttery club pulsations of “Dont” blend into an enchantment about touch-and-go attraction and simmering sexuality: “The air is heavy or is it just me.” The sensual “SorryLove” opens with another sultry piece of lyricism (“you took my breath away with you”) and the light sound of falling water or record-player hiss. I can’t tell exactly which, but it sets the tone for the exquisiteness to come. The beauty of the track rests in its easy flow between R&B melodies, club beats, kit percussion and eery electronics. It’s tough to pick a favorite on a record without a weak cut, but the combination of vocals and warm keyboard melodies in “Holograms” should make it a favorite for anyone who listens to the record. It touches on 80s-pop sensibilities and vocal harmonies without sounding kitsch. I’m a sucker for musicians keen enough to hit the small details too, like Butterclock’s trailing vocal distortion on the lyric, “… and the DJ is falling, falling …” There’s something infinitely transcendent about this record, grounded in earthly desires and heavenly love. My favorite song is “Milky Words”, with its supremely gorgeous and steady waltz, drawing out the true chanteuse chamber-pop seduction in Butterclock’s vocals like luscious hues of dripping heliotrope. My god, it’s stunning. Clock says she’s influenced by the surrealists, which is visible in the mixing of her last name with an inanimate object to form her musical manifestation. It’s “Milky Words” that comes closest to the spirit of that movement. The song feels like it’s always on the cusp, mixing oddly alluring warped samples with dreamy whispers and criss-crossing ghostly incantations. “First Prom” is one of the sexiest and prettiest record I’ve heard this year. Follow Butterclock at facebook, twitter and soundcloud. The record is available at I-Tunes. For archived posts about Butterclock click here. Note: All lyrics are unofficial. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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