Ducky | Air (Day Version) (Video)

Sometimes, with all this social media, I forget that I’ve posted a video to facebook, neglecting to write about it here, or vice versa. (Which is what I did with this new video from Ducky.) Anyway, I’ve been writing about the San Francisco songstress (aka Morgan Neiman) for a couple of years now — ever since she released a fantastic two-song EP in 2011 — which included the stellar “Killing Time”. Now she has a new video for her song, “Air (Day Version)”, wonderfully directed by Rylee Jean Ebsen, who has captured that feeling of being free and passionate. There are a number of antecedents to this video, with the Madonna-esque multitude of wriggling hands and body parts (shot in black and white). There’s some sweet pastel tinting and slow-motion smoke sequences that reminds me of the images and stills in the semi-biographical DVD release about Henri-Georges Clouzot’s never-completed film, “L’Enfer”. You can see what I mean, here and here. There’s also a rather provoking re-creation of Dali’s skull of naked bodies. It’s an endlessly interesting video. With Ducky’s consistent enjoyment for being casually and happily sensual in her songs, this video feels like a perfect match of form and function. Oh, and the song itself is top-shelf — danceable, strutting, erotic, and filled with keen, observant relationship lyrics infinitely higher quality than 99 percent of those featured in your standard club romps: “There is a space where you used to sit / We watched the East River get all lit up / Like guns (?) / Oh yes, it felt so glamorous / To know that our blood was toxic / Like words we used to say / Just to keep each other warm / In the false sense of cold, ‘cuz the AC was on / But I couldn’t get up / And your chivalry didn’t extend past the bed that we lived in that month.” You can follow Ducky at facebook and twitter. Note: All lyrics are unofficial. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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