Jherek Bischoff / David Byrne | Eyes (Video)

Former Talking Heads leader David Byrne combined last year with musician Jherek Bischoff on the latter’s song “Eyes”, a track off his album “Composed”. The album featured a number of other artists pairing off with Bischoff, including Zak Pennington of Parenthetical Girls, Caetano Veloso (also a Byrne musical interest), Craig Wedren of Shudder To Think, and many more. Now Byrne and Bischoff have a new video for “Eyes”, a song with wildly billowing orchestral strings that feels like a song that would fit right on Byrne’s own 1989 release, “Rei Momo”. Bischoff’s song has a strong Byrne vibe to it. It’s symphonic magic like an old Hollywood soundtrack, swaying with island breeziness, and showcasing Byrne’s playful love for biological obsession, like he did with his Red Hot + Rio cover of Antonio Carlos Jobim’s “Aguas de Março” in 1996. (That biological listing of parts is also something his current touring mate Annie Clark of St. Vincent did too in her song “Marrow”). Byrne sings: “Eyes, a nose, a mouth / To make a face … / I’m fascinated how your eyes go north and south / Beyond the temperate zone / In the cool night air …” The video was directed by Georgia and Jordan Kinley. Note: I recently watched Byrne and St. Vincent perform in Des Moines, Iowa, and you can view some photos of the show in my twitter feed. You can also visit Byrne’s official site, which is really his journal, and read about a 30-mile bike ride he took in Iowa this month during his tour stop. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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