Teen Mom | Kitchen

D.C.’s Teen Mom is back with a single, “Kitchen”, which follows the band’s six-song EP, “Mean Tom” (2012). While the lead single from that record, “I Wanna Go Out”, was anthemic, the new track is darker, deeper, more sonic and angst-ridden. Guitarist and lead vocalist Chris Kelly says the song is longer (running at six-and-a-half minutes) and more complex than the music they’ve created before. He’s certainly right about that. There’s some real ingenuity here, especially the passionate Factory Era-sounding guitar about a minute into the track, and after about five minutes the band breakdown a building rhythm into single-string plucks from a guitar, before building the song’s pace up again. It’s a unique transition that reminds a little of the instrumental structuring of songs from bands like Secret Mountains and Cymbals Eat Guitars. There’s real hurt and passion in the lyricism and its delivery: “Why can’t i be more like you? / And there were times when I felt so sure / Like winter break and forgotten things.” Teen Mom has emerged from “Mean Tom” revitalized, and still sounding strong. You can follow the band at facebook and twitter. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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