Zero 7 | On My Own

I’ve been a pretty big fan of Zero 7 duo Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker since 2001’s “Simple Things”, when I first heard “In the Waiting Line”, and the Sia Furler-led “Destiny” and “Distractions”. Later I ran into their re-imagining of Radiohead’s “Climbing Up Walls”, which frankly, sounded better than the original. But it’s been four years since a real full-length release from these coffee-runners turned music mixologists. Over the years, the duo’s strategy has been clear: They create some wonderfully atmospheric and moody instrumentals that range from lounge to soulful electronic love odes to sexy ultra-chill and they’ve been lucky to find talented vocalists to fill the gaps they can’t. In the past they’ve created soundscapes for the power-voice of Furler, Sophie Barker, Mozez and Jose Gonzalez. Now the duo have a new track, “On My Own”, the A-Side on a 12″ due out August 26 via Make. I can’t tell who the vocalist is, but the song feels like a sexy 80s throwback, a delicious cross between The Cure and Bloc Party: “There’s just no way of leaving / It’s midnight in a perfect world / Stay with me / And we can have it all.” The second song is called “Don’t Call it Love”. It’s a good sign for fans, hearing a new Zero 7 track with vocals. I’ve always felt that their instrumentals are quite unique, but what sets the duo apart is when they find the right voice to go with it all. You can follow Zero 7 at twitter— David D. Robbins Jr.

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