Youth Lagoon | Worms

Look up into the sky and wave goodbye. Youth Lagoon’s (aka Trevor Powers) latest song is leaving the atmosphere. He’s playing his own type of Ziggy Stardust, if you will, on his latest streaming single, “Worms”, set to appear on the upcoming “Space Project” collection via Lefse. It’s a collection of songs from 14 artists who used unique sound recordings based on electromagnetic fluctuations to create their own spacey soundscapes. “Worms” incorporates noises based on the Rings of Uranus. The astronautical song begins with the deliciously creepy pitch-distorted vocals: “… Making way against the upgrade / I could see into your pocket you were readying your seasoned switchblade / You’re much more competent than they are / But you can’t see when you’re afraid / I might be a bit deranged, but I’ve loved you for a decade … / “ Fifty-five seconds into the track is the sweet spot, where the spacey and then psychedelic parts of the music turn into a dark, warped symphony of reverse reverb. It’s gorgeous. Note: All lyrics are unofficial. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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