La Femme | Si Un Jour (Video)

La Femme is one of my favorite personal discoveries from since I first created Their Bated Breath. It was back in 2010 when I first heard the amazing “Sur La Planche” from off the group’s first EP, “Le Podium #1”. It was a short, quixotic four-song record, that even at first listen I found distinguishable enough to declare it one of the best things I’d heard in a decade. I was so impressed by “Le Podium #1”, I placed it atop the TBB “Best EP of 2010” list. Since then, they’ve accumulated a dedicated and loyal following, the way many under-the-radar bands tend to do. I remember first seeing their videos pop up on vimeo and youtube and immediately downloaded them all to my desktop for fear that they would disappear. In part, because a couple of the videos were quite sexually lewd (the band’s debut album cover consisted of a nude girl spread-eagle), but also because you can never tell just how long a band will stay together or what happens to them if they don’t catch on somewhere. (Yes, La Femme, if you’re reading this — I’ve got them all.) When I last wrote about their music I described it as “noir, frenetic, sensual, (containing) eerie atmospherics.” There’s also a little bit of the Factory Era in their sound, a sliver of surfer groove, a hint of My Life With the Thrill Kult and the now-defunct San Francisco band Death of a Party, a touch of Bauhaus without the seriousness, and in its place is a carefree youthful exuberance and dark humor. (They refer to their style as “new Motown”.) And as evidenced in this latest video for “Si Un Jour”, the band also has a keen sense for the visual, with members performing in drag. The song is from the band’s 2013 15-song French release, “Psycho Tropical Berlin”, which finds the band bringing back one earlier song, “Sur La Planche”. Where the band was more difficult to find before, now you can follow La Femme at facebook or twitter. Note: The images above are three screen captures from the video. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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