Low Factor | Frozen

This Low Factor track has been kicking around in demo mode for awhile now, I think, but it now has an official release, as of January, via the Montreal artist’s latest eight-song album, “Seizures on a Battleground”. I’ll start off by saying that Low Factor’s music may not be to everyone’s taste. Frankly, I first heard the lead vocals and thought it was a put-on, like a nasally female John Lydon on some serious Quaaludes. But no matter what you may think of the vocals, there’s no denying how good “Frozen” is, as music and avant-garde art. For that matter, a song like “You Now” is really inventive too, and the scuzzy Devo-like “Ugly Children” is delightfully tongue-in-cheek. The music morphs its way through Factory Era, Bauhaus, Joy Division, The Cure, and other bands that also loved to play in the dark. In its own bizarre way “Frozen” is mesmerizing. It says a lot that the music is so good, that I began to get used to the vocal style as simply an accent to Low Factor’s unique post-punk, new-wave blend. The numbing repetition of the beat is hypnotic, paired with the pace of the vocals weaving between the song’s heavy percussive thumps. The imaginative synth-work at the 1:07 mark and especially at 1:58 is stunningly good. Despite its dark and odd exterior, ultimately, “Frozen” is a song about wanting to love in the face of everything, but being momentarily unable. The lyrics close with a wonderfully insolent kind of sentiment we hear in the best of a band like Public Image Limited: “I’d want to be able to smile / My frozen teeth are stuck to my mouth … / I’d love to love you anyway / I’d love to love you anyway / But not today.” You can follow Low Factor at facebook— David D. Robbins Jr.

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