Black Prairie | Let It Out (Lyric Video)

It’s always good to listen to a radio station for the first time and hear good music. Last night I was driving home and somewhat reluctantly turned off my The The bootleg to turn on a random station that happened to be playing a show called “UnderCurrents”, hosted by a guy named Gregg McVicar. He started off with some Neko Case, Phosphorescent, The Psychedelic Furs, Brian Eno, and then he hit upon a track called “Let It Out”, from a five-piece bluegrass-influenced band from Portland, Oregon, called Black Prairie. I parked at my apartment complex and stayed in the car to listen to the end of the song, and take down the call letters to try and find a stream online. (That’s always a good sign for a radio show.) Anyway, I stopped and listened, thinking at first that the track was some Neko Case song I couldn’t quite pin down. A song with a touch of The Decemberists. After a minute or so, I realized it wasn’t her. But the bluegrass-country-fied feel was pretty cool. And sure enough (after googling the band), there is a Decemberists link — four members of the band are in this new project. “Let It Out” is a confidently played, rocking song, that worked itself into a jam-band lather of heavy percussion, accordion, sax, and my favorite part, the catchy, blazing final chorus, that even had me repeating the refrain in the car: (2:45 mark): “I’ll keep on waiting for you / I’ll keep on waiting for you! / I’ll keep on waiting FOR YOU!” Also, “Let It Out” is a single off the band’s upcoming April 22nd LP release, “Fortune”. You can follow the band at facebook— David D. Robbins Jr.

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