The Long Wives | You Got A Problem, Son?

The Long Wives is the project of Los Angeles singer-songwriter Brandy St. John. I’ve been listening to her singles for awhile now, and her new track, “You’ve Got A Problem, Son?”, like the previous ones, always comes with a piece of found art for the cover. This time it’s a classic still of Robert Mitchum from “Night of the Hunter” (1955). There’s a slow-burn quality to her music, a similar feeling I get to listening to Angel Olsen’s latest, “Burn Your Fire for No Witness”. Take the gorgeous, elegiac tone of “The Hollow Fin”, and it comes across with an intensity that seems to run contrary to the pacing and ghostly style. That’s part of what makes the music so interesting. There’s also an interesting mix of contemplative lyricism, sad chords, heavy folk and light dreaming. There’s a burning ferocity too within St. John’s contemplation of violence (even her moniker feels like the natural phrase would be “the long knives”), that feels beautifully restrained in a song like “Violence of Man”. It all makes for a lovely style. “You’ve Got A Problem, Son?” is part folk, part dusty Western, with modern poetic lyricism about loneliness: “You took the scissors to your tongue / You know the needle and you know the gun / You got a problem, son? / I think you’ve got two / You’ve got nothing now and you don’t know what to do / The hypnotist has come to fix the cracks / There’s an angel in the hall and one out on the tracks …”  — David D. Robbins Jr.

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