Lilla Vargen | This Is Love

Powerful stuff. Lilla Vargen released her debut single today via soundcloud. It’s a gorgeous piano-based ballad called “This Is Love”. It’s a heartbreaking relationship song, romantic and tinged with sadness. The song’s simplicity is part of its strength. It consists of contemplative cascading piano, solitary vocals sung atop light piano resonance, ending with an elegant flight of verses sung in unison with a second vocal. Vargen does something in this song that’s difficult to do — which is to reveal and convey emotions without becoming maudlin. It’s supremely tough to write songs like this. Anyone who has tried to write love poetry knows just what I mean. It’s demanding to write verses that aren’t stilted. And these are quite the opposite. They’re honest as offering: “Endless hours spent late at night / Wonderin’ how you could act this way / Wonderin’ how you can say the things that you say / But I guess I’m in love.” You can also spot a good singer-songwriter when they’re skilled enough to play with line lengths, breath, and break away from form to mix an internal rhyme amid traditional end rhyme, as Vargen does. Her vocals are sublime, turning quietude into a flood of sincerest soul. She said in an e-mail that she’s still finding her feet with music, but it’s hard to think of a more heartfelt beginning. I’m deeply appreciative to have heard “This Is Love”. I don’t know anything about Vargen except to point you to her social media accounts on facebook and twitter. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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