Jimmy Whispers | Heart Don’t Know

There’s some so charming about the impassioned, breaking vocals of Chicago’s Jimmy Whispers, on his beautiful, short-but-sweet, new romantic track “Heart Don’t Know”: “Baby, when I come back, when I come back / I need you / Tell me all the things I need to know / Ohhh / I don’t need to know / Ohhh.” The song is simple enough, with a consistent, repeated organ rhythm that comes back full circle to the chorus, wrapped in a heartfelt elegance. There’s a loneliness in the vocals, which are slightly muted behind the instrumentation, imbuing the voice with a kind of fragility or shyness. But there’s also a steadiness to the pace that gives this love song a steadfast persistence too. “Heart Don’t Know” is featured on the upcoming release, Summer In Pain, out via Moniker Records where it’s available for pre-order. Jimmy Whispers is scheduled to open for Ariel Pink on February 17th in Chicago at Thalia Hall. Follow Jimmy Whispers at facebook. You can listen to the title track on bandcampNote: All lyrics are unofficial. — David D. Robbins Jr.


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