Ibeyi | Ibeyi

You can stream the French-Cuban sister combo Ibeyi’s (Naomi and Lisa-Kainde Diaz) first LP over at NPR’s First Listen. It’s a cool record that blends rich R&B, nu-soul and Afro-Cuban rhythms with polyphonic backing vocals and harmonies. It’s only in this era where music can birth sounds like this, mixing different cultures, beliefs and genres into the vast description-less, melting pot that modern music has become. The ladies come from a grand musical tradition too — they’re the daughters of famed Cuban percussionist, Anga Díaz, who was a member of Buena Vista Social Club. The closest companion to this style of sound may be the great Zap Mama. One of my favorite tracks is a piano-based song called “Ghosts”, which you can hear below. (Or watch Ibeyi perform the song live thanks to Deezer.) You can follow the duo at facebook and twitter. The album is out February 17th via XL Recordings— David D. Robbins Jr.


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