Jason Nolan | Brush Social Club

Listen to this fantastic new orchestral track, “Brush Social Club”, from artist Jason Nolan. I don’t think I’m breaking any confidence in saying that he sent this track to me with a message that read, “I think you may like my latest track.” The answer is a resounding yes. The song begins with slow drumming, a clack and clunk of clutter, dissonant piano chords and a repeated lyric. It’s a slow-building track, that seems to piece together disparate elements, not unlike the fragmented artwork that accompanies the song and the title that conjures familiar words in a form that may make little sense to the listener but much to the Oxted Town musician himself. Even the song itself seems to exist as contradiction — isolated and echoed vocals (“I’ve got no place to go / When there’s nothing left”) are the lonely and fragile half of a song that also imparts warmth through intimacy and conveyance. There’s a quietude to “Brush Social Club”, as it’s a club of one blossoms subtly into many — joined layered vocals and a blanket of gorgeous, dramatic, sweeping strings, like a long-lost Youth Lagoon track. Follow Nolan at facebook. Note: All lyrics are unofficial. — David D. Robbins Jr.


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