Haleek Maul | Kingdom Come

The beats are iron. The drops are heavy. The delivery hard. The most clever rap lyric in Haleek Maul’s new song “Kingdom Come” (Prod. By DKAD & Shy Guy) is the repeat at the end of the chorus, about what sounds like an observation made in contemplating a life of 24-7 drinking and clubbing his way down the rabbit hole: “It’s been so long since I heard my own thoughts.” There are some great end rhymes: “They swimming in while I float / I’m slitin’ ’em by the throat.” This track is hard-driving, and I hear a little bit of Tupac influence in the first verses, where Maul sings “nigga chill” and ends his verses in a rising cadence. It’s been over two years since the last time I wrote about a video our friend Jamie Harley created for Haleek Maul’s dark track, “Fraulein”. Since then he’s been on a track with Saul Williams and created a song called “Brainscan” which featured Jacques. Follow Haleek Maul at twitter and facebook— David D. Robbins Jr.


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