Mini Dresses | Bracelets

Last year, Mini Dresses released a lovely lo-fi five-song EP entitled Three, featuring five beautifully crafted moody tracks. I compared them a little to School of Seven Bells and Reverie Sound Revue. But this new song, “Bracelets”, feels even more lo-fi, a deep and trudging bass guitar plays elegantly underneath high-pitched vocals and a swirling rhythm guitar. I’ve come to appreciate the way this duo patiently builds its songs. There’s that moment nearly halfway into the song where two guitar threads play off each other in a kind of dance. Or take the vocal moments in the song where the high-pitched lead blends into a breathy counter choral vocal. It gives the track a wispy but textured feel that’s as energizing to listen to as it is relaxing. “Bracelets” is the first single off the Boston band’s Four EP, out April 28th on cassette via Little Death Records. Follow the band at facebook— David D. Robbins Jr.


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