iZem | Agua Viva (f. Nina Miranda)

iZem and Nina Miranda make a great musical pairing. The globetrotting French DJ/producer is streaming a bumping new jazzy, Latin-flavored song called, “Agua Viva”, from off his forthcoming debut album Hafa to be released on May 15th. But perhaps the most exciting news is that former Smoke City songstress, Miranda, is singing on the cut, infusing iZem’s upbeat groove with her patented and pretty high-pitched blend of Portuguese vocals with English and everything else. Okay, so 14 years has passed since Heroes of Nature and 17 years since Smoke City’s debut Flying Away (1997) — but Miranda’s voice hasn’t changed one bit. It’s still as lush and beautiful as ever. “Agua Viva” is at its best when Miranda and the instrumentation are chasing each other, matching the same melodies in harmony. iZem’s tease to the new record is a sweet one that will take you to Rio and beyond. Note: Photo by Ica Chevallier, taken from the artist’s facebook page. You can follow iZem at facebook and Miranda at twitter. — David D. Robbins Jr. 


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