Femme Fantasm | Ritual You+Me

Femme Fantasm’s “Ritual You+Me” will be one of the best tracks you’ve heard this year. It’s nearly five minutes of spacey synth, gooey female dream-pop vocals and deliciously snaking electro synth-horn. The latter slides into the song at the :56 mark and is one of the main reasons this song is so stunning. It’s easy to get lost in this leisurely textured delight, that still manages to keep steady pacing with its retro 80s rhythm. The lyrics are whispered and lush, featuring verses with imagery of dreams and love. The Los Angeles solo project’s song is just one of four on a self-titled EP released via the Beko imprint. The sound is reminiscent of Butterclock’s First Prom EP, Sleep ∞ Over and Nite Jewel. It just doesn’t get better. Follow Femme Fantasm on facebook, twitter, and tumblr. — David D. Robbins Jr.


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