Lilla Vargen | Don’t Forget Me

Back in January the voice and songcraft of Lilla Vargen transfixed those that were lucky enough to stumble into her stunning and emotive rolling-piano ballad, “This Is Love”. She’s followed that song up with another, “Don’t Forget Me”. Once again she’s chosen the intimacy of simple production, just her vocals and piano, and it’s as impressive as her debut. There’s a real range to her piano-playing and songwriting too. In her latest gem, you get flawless lyricism and poetics like this: “I’m an ocean in your bedroom / Make you feel warm / Make you want to re-assume / Now we know it all for sure … / I’m a meth lab / First rehab … / I’m the rainbow in your jail cell / All the memories of everything you’ve ever smelled / I’m an inbred / And a pothead / Two legs that you spread inside the tool shed / Now we know it all for sure … / I’m the blood stain on your shirt sleeve / Coming down boy, coming to believe / Now I know it all for sure / Make the hair stand up on your arm / Teach you how to dance inside the funny farm / Not alone / I’ll be there / Tell me when you wanna go.” The qualities of both songs may show an artist breaking out of the timidity of sharing her music with the public, but you wouldn’t know it by listening to her music, which rushes powerfully over everything in its path — a waterfall of piano chords and passion washing rocks smooth. There’s a majesty that marks her lyrics and puts her into the company of fellow piano-chanteuses, Rickie Lee Jones, Carole King and Fiona Apple. Follow Vargen at facebook and twitter. Note: Lyrics are all unofficial.  — David D. Robbins Jr.


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