Peach Kelli Pop | Princess Castle 1987

Peach Kelli Pop’s Part III LP is some wonderfully fun kitsch that rides a wave of surfer-punk and Riot grrrl through songs that range from childish fawning over Disney’s Princess Castle: “I saw you in a dream, I woke up from a scream / You glowed pink and green, death stare and laser beam” to hitting the “Nude Beach” and a rocking song about a kind of Lars and the Real Girl relationship called “Plastic Love”: “You don’t need to hear her views / She’ll always smile at you / When your mom comes to visit / You can hide her in your closet.” The Ottawa singer’s songs are all propulsive, pushing forward with a wink, nod and grizzly guitar. Every song has a catchy hook, humor and a psychedelic doo-wop dynamic. You can follow Peach Kelli Pop (aka Allie Hanlon) at facebook, blogspot, bandcamp and twitter— David D. Robbins Jr.


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