FKA twigs | M3LL155X

Wicked. Always enjoy e-mails with links to music like this. FKA twigs is streaming her new EP titled M3LL155X, featuring five songs: “Figure 8”, “I’m Your Doll”, “In Time”, “Glass & Patron” and “Mothercreep”. Four of the songs, excluding the latter, are accompanied by a video directed by FKA twigs. It’s a fascinating listen. My favorite track is “In Time” — with that addictive chorus that kicks in at the 9:50 mark (along with some old-school synchronized dancing). Just wait until you hear FKA twigs rattle off the verse: “I’ve been feeling the same / In the club / In the rave /Everyday, everyday.” Be sure to check out her tour, with these three upcoming dates: August 23: FYF Festival 2015, Los Angeles Calif.; Sept. 4-6: Electric Picnic, Stradbally, Ireland; Sept. 11: Bestival, Isle Of White, UK. Follow FKA twigs on twitter— David D. Robbins Jr.


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