Emily Millard | Paradise (Video)

Emily Millard, formerly Miss Emily Brown, sheds her earlier moniker in favor of her real name — which may signal what’s to come around the bend on her upcoming LP release By Heron & By Season. The new record is being produced by an ultra-talented musician in his own right, Sandro Perri. This will be Millard’s first record since 2010’s elegant In Technicolor, an album about the beauty of our past. She had been creating music as Morlove, with a range of usual suspects like multi-instrumentalist Corwin Fox and friend and violinist extraordinaire Hannah Epperson. Millard’s first single, “Paradise”, is streaming via bandcamp, but you can also listen to it in a live video below. The video was captured in Brooklyn by Derrick Belcham and features Giancarlo Vulcano on guitar. You can follow Millard at facebook and twitter. Note: Photo above is from the artist’s facebook page and was taken by Kendell Green. — David D. Robbins Jr.


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