Night School | Last Disaster (Video)

Graveface Records artist Night School will be releasing a debut 10-song record called Blush on June 17th (my birthday — if anyone wants to buy me a copy), which follows behind a 2014 debut EP “Heart Beat” and a split EP Carousel with label mates Dott. Currently, the trio of ladies (Alexandra Morte, drummer Baylie Arin and bassist Cheyenne Avant) are streaming a deliciously catchy single “Last Disaster” via soundcloud (along with a new video below) — a cool blending of garage-guitar slunk and retro 60s girl-group harmonized vocals that are pretty and bubblegum enough to conjure thoughts of synchronized hand movements and The Marvelettes, but for the scuzzed-up reverb and power chord anthemic build ups. The sound of “Last Disaster” will appeal to fans of Colleen Green, Eleni Mandell’s ‘The Grabs’ work and Waxahatchee — hell, even the Ramones. — David D. Robbins Jr.


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