Angel Olsen | Video

Angel Olsen just posted a new song (with video), her first since her 2014 LP Burn Your Fire For No Witness, that looks like a teaser to a new record. The new song (listed as “Intern” on Shazam from the album My Woman) sounds both contemporary and oddly vintage, tracing back to those slow-burn synth ballad’s from 1980s pop. It’s dreamy and minimal, Olsen’s voice up front, languid and easy, spectral backing vocals cooing away in the background, sensually, before the singer-songwriter begins singing in a higher register: “Something in the world will make a fool of you … / Falling in love and I swear it’s the last ….” It’s a gorgeous self-reflective love song that seems to be about risk, authenticity, identity, dreaming (a prominent Olsen topic) and running headfirst into love. The video appears to play on the notion of stardom, moving from a faux-interview outside a trailer home, behind the scenes in a TV-show dressing room and onstage. Burn Your Fire For No Witness was one of Their Bated Breath’s Best 14 LPs of 2014 and “Unfucktheworld” the best song of 2014 via the TBB list. Video written and directed by Olsen (with collaborative input from Ashley Connor and Jethro Waters). Notes: Images are screen captures from the video. Lyrics are unofficial. Follow Jagjaguwar artist Angel Olsen on twitter and facebook. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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