Charlotte Cardin | Big Boy

I’m a bit late to this track, but I love it. This Charlotte Cardin song, “Big Boy”, feels like where Esthero was coming from with her 1988 luxury “Breath from Another”. Cardin’s recent release is all about a used love and is sexy as hell with its lyrics about kissed necks and R&B-infused indie slinking. The singer-songwriter teases with the opening line of possibility: “Maybe if I spell it, big boy, you’ll take me out proper.” The rest of the EP (of the samed name) is just as good, with “Talk Talk” being the highlight of the album. She’s got a strong but deep-throated rasp not unlike the great Angela McCluskey. Follow Cardin on twitter and facebookNote: Photo: John Londono. — David D. Robbins Jr.


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