Hannah Epperson | Story (Amelia) (Video)

Artist and violinist Hannah Epperson posted a new video for “Story (Amelia)”, a song off her upcoming Sept. 16 release UPSWEEP. Some of you may be familiar with her periodic solo work, heard one of her European concerts or listened to her pairings with friend and fellow musician Emily Brown. The song begins with pretty Bjork-like electronic flourishes, echoes of beats, before flowering into a dance rhythm and Epperson’s purring crystalline voice, “I can’t make up my mind … my mind … my mind.” The video follows a surreal connection between four women: a mother knitting and looking out her window, a young girl playing in the yard, Epperson herself and the younger girl’s encounter with a half-naked lady caught halfway between a kind of scary angelic morphing (“When the walls caved in and the light shown through / There were spaces in between the things you thought you knew / The snake that shed its skin …”) and interpretative dance. Visually it’s full of soft, subtle blues, autumnal muted yellows and amber, amid sweeping nature. Note: You can follow Hannah at facebook or twitter. The video was directed by both Hannah and Jake Saner. Lyrics are unofficial. — David D. Robbins Jr. 

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