DDR Recommends: Begin 2017 With …

By David D. Robbins Jr.

A feature where I whittle down the world a bit for you, each week or so, by recommending some of the best topical links scattered across the internet … Let’s begin 2017 with two items I always look for on that last day of the year …

1. NYE 2017 Olga Bell Mix
By Olga Bell | Mixcloud | 12-31-16
A New Year’s Eve just wouldn’t seem right without a year-end mix from musician and songstress Olga Bell. She always does such a great job with these, finding a way to move a listener through emotive music and bumping tracks with slick mixing of songs Bell loved listening to in 2016 — featuring artists as varied as Vince Staples and James Blake.

2. “DVDBeaver: Best Blu-Rays/DVDs of 2016”
By Gary Tooze | DVDBeaver | 12-31-16
The best superlative list of the year if you ask me. Critics and cinephiles like myself all vote for the best blu-rays and DVDs released this past year. There’s been a number of good ones — and you can read my specific list here. On a side note, beyond the list, there are comments about individual releases and trends. One that I wanted to second is Criterion shouldn’t have released “Valley of The Dolls” and “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls”. Who needed that, right? And Gary was also right about Criterion’s “The Story of the Last Chrysanthemums” release — Kenji Mizoguchi deserves better than a bare-bones disc.

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