David Bowie | No Plan, the Last Video

And the posthumous David Bowie surprises keep coming, this time appropriately on what would have been the artist’s 70th birthday. A plaintive, reflective music video for “No Plan” was posted on the official Bowie YouTube page, directed by Tom Hingston. The song is apparently one of three of the last Bowie compositions (that had not appeared on another LP before) from his Lazarus soundtrack, the music from his Off-Broadway musical. The song will also be featured on a 4-track EP of the same name. The video is simple, fitting the song’s mood, which eerily feels like Bowie singing from beyond the grave. But it’s not a piece of morbidity. It feels right, poignant and respectful. The video features stacked TVs in the storefront window of a business called “Newton Electronics” — a pretty wink-and-a-nod to Bowie’s alien character, Thomas Jerome Newton in Nicolas Roeg’s 1976 film The Man Who Fell to Earth. As the song plays, the lyrics appear on the various screens filled with white noise as passerbys begin to collect in front of the TVs. It’s full of Bowie romantic conceits and interests: space, drifting, mortality, meaning. The song isn’t far removed from the contemplative feel of “Where Are We Now?” from off 2013’s The Next Day— David D. Robbins Jr.


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