TBB’s Best Songs of 2018

By Dee Rob

30. Wildhart “Love”

29. Free Cake For Every Creature “Around You”

28. Childish Gambino “This Is America”

27. Hana Vu “Crying On the Subway”

26. Sibille Attar “I Don’t Have To”

25. Iceage “Under the Sun”

24. Douglas Dare “Darling”

23. Suss Cunts “Newby”

22. Summer Walker “CPR”

21. Magic Potion ‘Shock Proof”

20. Witch Prophet “Time Traveler”

19. Yowler “WTFK”

18. Mr Twin Sister “Taste In Movies”

17. Lykke Li “Two Nights”

16. Justus Proffit & Jay Som “Tunnel Vision”

15. JID “Workin Out”

14. Low “Always Trying to Work it Out”

13. Ex:Re “New York”

12. Snail Mail “Heat Wave”

11. Surfbort “Dope”

10. Beach House “Lemon Glow”

09. Rnie “Citrus”

08. Let’s Eat Grandma “Donnie Darko”

07. Yuno “Why For”

06. Grey Goon & Lauren Ruth Ward “I Don’t Believe in the Sun”

05. Amen Dunes “Calling Paul the Suffering”

04. Rose Droll “Happy Kitten”

03. Young Fathers “Picking You”

02. Tirzah “Say When”

01. Mid-Air Thief “Curve and Light”

Here is a playlist to all my favorite songs of 2018. I believe you can only see 100 here, but go to spotify and you can play all 294 songs:

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