Beast Make Bomb | Dream Boat (Video)

I wrote about a new track, “Dream Boat”, back in early May, from a band called Beast Make Bomb. It has quickly become one of my favorite songs of the year. And it’s not just because the track reminds me of Pretty Girls Make Graves. It’s the energy of it, and the sweet balance between carefree slacker garage-ness and raw-ass talent. Driving guitars, heavy-sticked drumming, and increasingly unhinged lead vocals get bigger, louder, and more frenetic. It’s difficult not to get pumped listening to this auditory Molotov. And it’s even easier to imagine a crowd of rowdy fans bouncing off each other or singing some of the lyrics in unison. Certainly it’s one of the more anthemic releases of the half-spent year. Anyway, a big shout out to a Their Bated Breath reader (Dan) for pointing out that there’s also a new video to go with the track. Watch and listen below. Hopefully, the band has a few more tracks in the hopper, and they stand up to the magic of “Dream Boat”. The band plans on releasing more singles this year. For now, go to bandcamp, where you can stream and download “Dream Boat” for free. You can also follow the band at facebook or listen to two earlier EPs (“Sourpuss” and “Skinny Legs”) at soundcloud. For an archived Their Bated Breath post about the band, click here. — David D. Robbins Jr. 

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5 thoughts on “Beast Make Bomb | Dream Boat (Video)

  1. Hey David, I saw Beast Make Bomb perform last Wednesday in Manhattan! They were amazing…Ceci and the other guitarist (I don’t know her name) are such an amazing dual-guitar and vox/backing vox combination. Ceci’s an outstanding, distinctive vocalist and performer. (And a very nice person, it would seem; I met her briefly). The rhythm section is tight and the sound is all there live. I bought a couple of 7″ inches from Ceci. I consider myself fortunate to have had the chance to see them. I’m really looking forward to their first full-length–though I’ve not heard any discussion of such a project as yet.

    Now, come to think of it, I’m grateful to you for this, because I first heard about BMB right here just a short while ago. Thanks David!

    • DanP — You’re very welcome. That’s mostly what I hope to do with this blog … Present good music, and hopefully other people like it too. And in the end, the band can afford to make more music for all of us. (And in the process, I’ll occasionally try to write a decent sentence. Ha!)

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