Kidä | Door To The Cosmos

Kidä has a beautiful sound. She calls it experimental R&B, and that’s about as apt a description as you’ll get. Of course, there’s the sweetness of her voice, which you can hear when she sings “baby, baby, baby” on a track she posted a few months ago called “Diälogue”. I mention that older track because in listening to her new song, “Door to the Cosmos” (Prod. by Natty Reeves), I also went back to the three other songs she’s streaming via soundcloud. What I heard in “Diälogue” was the lushness of the lounge, but also a kind of refreshing eclecticism that’s refreshing to hear in R&B-based music. It feels like a love song, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just another slow jam. If you listen closely, you’ll hear its sumptuous textures. There’s that warped synth breathing life into soft bass thumps that punctuate like a heartbeat. But it’s how the song’s tone blends with the intelligence and elegance of the lyrics that sets it apart. Kidä sings the thrust of the chorus in a kind of broken staccato, like someone daring a potential lover: “I need somebody / To translate / My language / Do you speak to me?” It’s a song with non-traditional R&B imagery, like the Milky Way (just one of many head nods to the stars in her songs), dreams and dancing in the cosmos. “Door to the Cosmos” is another song for those that love the dim light, but there’s a kind of pretty sedateness to it that’s different than “Diälogue”. Partly that’s because the music and the vocals play at an almost equal volume, with Kidä gliding her sensual phonetics across a slowly-quickening beat like lip gloss across a slightly-parted mouth. It’s futuristic, jazzy, digital, and sexy as hell. You can follow Kidä at facebook and twitter. Note: Photo comes from the artist’s instagram page. — David D. Robbins Jr.


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