Jean Deaux | Act Right (Saturn’s Return)

“Can you feel it? / When you all alone / In yo chromosomes / Hummin thru ya bones” — asks The Village songstress Jean Deaux on her soulful track, “Act Right (Saturn’s Return)”, a track produced by Chicago’s THEMpeople as one of three songs on an EP called “Outer Body”. This astronomical jam runs through lyrics about sex, space, liquor, Shakespeare and being panty-less. One of the better verses finds Deaux offering intoxicants and spouting about her sexual proclivities: “I got that bomb / And you fishin’ to be subatomic / Would you like a gin and tonic? / Or maybe some skin and chronic / Take you to the philharmonic / Make you sing the highest octave …” Follow her on twitter.  — David D. Robbins Jr.


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