The Music I’m Listening To Now

By David D. Robbins Jr.

Artist: Tei Shi
What: A new single “Keep Running”
Info: Continuing a trend from female artists in 2016, Tei Shi is decidely taking this track into a pop direction and it sounds terrific. I love this conceptual twist between running away from a relationship and time.
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Watch the new video below:

Artist: Wild Arrows
What: A new single “Dark Me”
Info: Received an email about this throwback song, that should remind listeners of The Cure, Arcade Fire and Sylvan Esso. It’s beautiful. The light vocals, the breathy stutterings, anthemic chorus is catchy and infectious.
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Artist: Priests
What: A new LP “Nothing Feels Natural”
Info: This follow up to the 2014 EP “Bodies and Control and Money and Power” is poignant in these Trumpmurica times, blistering — equal parts Savages and Dog-Faced Hermans, one of my favorite now-defunct bands from years past. Some of the guitar riff reminiscent of Joy Division. Right now, it’s easily the best record I’ve heard in 2017 — and immediately hit my shortlist so far for best of the year candidate. It’s the kind of music that should have crowds entranced, singing in unison lyrics like those to “Jj” below:
“I thought I was a cowboy
Cuz I smoked Reds
Smoked Reds
Smoked Reds
I wrote a bunch of songs for you!
But you never knew!
And you never deserved them!”

Listen to the album on Spotify

Artist: Tennis
What: A new single “Modern Woman”
Info: The Denver, Colorado power-pop duo Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley have released a gorgeous soulfully soft cut that sounds like a cross between vintage Madonna and No Doubt.
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Artist: Cousin Stizz
What: A single “Living Like Khaled”
Info: This rap single dropped after Cousin Stizz released his record “MONDA” in 2016, but I’m just getting around to it. It contains one of the funnier nonsensical lines of the short year … (Bought “carrots”? Nice.)
“I put my brothers on the me too
Niggas ain’t valid
Eat’em like cabbage
Smoking on salad
I just bought carrots
Trying cop cribs out in Calabassas
Peep that fake shit I don’t need no glasses.”
Listen to the song on Spotify

Artist: Allison Crutchfield
What: A new LP “Tourist In This Town”
Info: Crutchfield, who also goes by Waxahatchee, take her music a different direction in this wonderful 10-song record. Change the name, but you’re still gonna get cool melodies and wonderful Liz Phalr-like songwriting from Crutchfield. Take the closing lyrics of the first track, “Broad Daylight” below …
Lyrics: “Now that it’s happening, you say that it was bound to
And now that we’re out here, you say that you gotta take care of you
And I should take care of me
Go out and kiss the memories
I look at my reflection in the glossy table
I’m selfish and I’m shallow and unstable.”
Listen to the record on Spotify

Artist: Julie Byrne
What: A new LP “Not Even Happiness”
Info: Take this elegant trip back into the 70s singer-songwriter territory. The record is quiet, wistful, internal and a breath of fresh air.
Listen to the record on Spotify

Artist: Ty Segall
What: A new LP “Ty Segall”
Info: A ripping record that finds Segall at his gruff and gnarled best. Segall takes no prisoners with his scuzzed-up guitar, solos, snarls and cheap-beer stained style of rock-n-raunch.
Listen to the record at NPR First Listen

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