Perfume Genius | Die 4 You

This is the first Perfume Genius track I’ve heard off “No Shape”, which I mean to get to in its entirety soon. It’s a gorgeous track, with hints of low-key Sade sexiness, all elegant and falsetto. The video is a beauty too, Mike Hadreas’ vulnerable and breathy high falsetto accented by Dali-esque chairs in frozen animation like Atomicus and a kind of life-form that should remind film fans of the animate game-pods in director David Cronenberg’s eXistenz. There are a couple of grungy locale touches via Lynch/Kubrick and David Bowie of course. It’s wonderful stuff from video director Floria Sigismondi and Perfume Genius. The breathy vocals on the chorus are awesome (with the same lines spoken, a slight delay drag in the wake of the sung verse.): “Oh, my love / Oh, my love / Take your time / Oh, my love.” You can follow Perfume Genius at the official website or at twitter. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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