Sean Hayes | Love That Woman

We should just declare San Francisco artist Sean Hayes a national treasure — an underappreciated one, that’s for sure. The guy’s been making fantastic music for awhile now, tweaking his sound here and there, blending his folky-soul with everything he’s picked up around the Bay Area, and singing his heart out amid a West Coast circuit. There are only so many artists who are as pure a songwriters as Hayes — who can easily place himself into the canon with musicians like AA Bondy, Joe Henry, Joey Kneiser and even Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan. He’s that good. But don’t look for him on sites like Pitchfork and Spin or hitting the next lat-mnight show — at least not yet anyway. But if there’s any justice in this world, perhaps his audience will expand beyond the dedicated group who know what they’ve been lucky enough to hear for the past decade and a half. The syrupy-paced “Love That Woman” is the first real single his fans have heard since his 2012 LP release, Before We Turn To Dust. The new song will be featured on his upcoming recording Low Light, out August 19th. Without hearing the record, it’s easy to understand why the record is called Low Light — because Hayes has been singing in it throughout his career. He sings songs for the lovelorn, the contemplative, the romantic and the soulful that best love the dawn. Note: Follow Sean Hayes on facebook and twitter. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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