ILoveMakonnen | Side to Side

ILoveMakonnen (aka Makonnen Sheran) is streaming his best single since 2014’s “Wishing You Well”. It’s called “Side 2 Side.” The rapper has been releasing a number of lesser tracks during the year and he continued his mix-tape series “Drink More Water 6” before taking a break from the pace of pushing out all that music. This time around, ILoveMakonnen is rapping about the highs and lows of hanging out with his boys and the life that finds him singing the catchy Drank-infused chorus, “Side to side / That potion got me leanin’ / Side to side” and one verse about living fast and hard: “I been trippin’ / I been dippin’ / I been fuckin’ sellin’ dope / I been out here with my white friends / They been movin’ all this coke / We been on them fuckin’ boats / I been playin’ on this ship / I been feelin’ like I’m ballin’ / Need the ring, championship.” Note: Lyrics are unofficial. Follow ILoveMakonnen at twitter and facebook. — David D. Robbins Jr.


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