Computer Magic | Dimensions

Computer Magic (aka Danz) has a new single out, “Dimensions”, which will be featured on her upcoming five-song EP release, Obscure but Visible, out October 7th on Channel 9 Records or at the artist’s website. Computer Magic has always had a beautiful obsession with space, dreams and thoughts of other worlds — so it seems apropos that the song’s lyrics would begin looking up into the sky: “Life it goes and comes and stays / Stare into the sun for days.” Star-gazing isn’t a quirk of Computer Magic’s music, it is the music. It’s really a kind of subconscious metaphor for her art, always pushing boundaries, always reaching for what’s possible. Bringing life to earthly things by alien means. Her art bleeds out into life and vice versa, whether she’s wearing a spacesuit around New York in a video or resurrecting a Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band-like ensemble on her latest cover. Creating new worlds is what the best music does. Computer Magic just keeps getting better with each trickling single and EP release — and “Dimensions” adds just that to the artist’s repertoire. “Dimensions” is a glimmering digression, letting the mind float over the world, contemplating its seemingly hidden majesty in blades of grass, measuring its fractals in a gorgeous cascade of keyboard and cushion-y melodic vocals. Note: Lyrics are unofficial. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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