Cymbals Eat Guitars | Wish

Cymbals Eat Guitars seem to be looking backward in their move forward. There’s something very David Bowie’s Thin White Duke or Rolling Stones Some Girls and Lou Reed about this new streaming track from Cymbals Eat Guitars “Wish”. Whether it’s the spastic digitized saxophone experimentation or the gorgeous 80s synth melodies mixed with heavy thumping percussion and athemic chorus. Frankly, the typography on the cover of the upcoming LP release (Pretty Years) hearkens back to the late 60s or early 70s, not unlike the font used by Interview magazine. This is a far cry from the sullen style Cymbals Eat Guitars began with on their 2009 debut Why There Are Mountains, back when I first saw the band play live. It’s good to see the band expanding with each release, growing even more confident Highly dynamic singer Joseph D’Agostino seems to be channeling Bruce Springsteen in his vocal delivery. The lyrics are wonderful too: “Eleven months and not a word from you / But then out of the long dark blue.” There’s a very cool exchange (you don’t hear many indie bands do) when D’Agostino sings a verse which sound like “I watch the waving, distance trees” and it’s followed by a light backing vocal rhyme: “Can we shut the lights please?” “Wish” is a great track. Pre order Pretty Years out September 16 via Sinderlyn— David D. Robbins Jr.

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